12 (r) x 145 x 145 cm, 12 (r) x 180  x 180 cm

Constructed aluminum rod using stainless steel bolt and nut. (Aluminum & Mild Steel Rod), Constructed aluminum rod using stainless steel bolt and nut. (Aluminum Stainless Steel Bolt & Nut)

Direction, emphasizes the concept of unity in diversity, and rejects the determination of beginning and end. The use of arabesques succeeds in emphasizing the idea of Islamic art which is defined as the art of infinity. Through the medium of metal, this sculpture is more structured than previous works that were out of glass and metal to represent the concept of nur (light).
1. I love the idea of having physicals objects as the main narrative for my work.
2. This work offers the possibilities of making and facilitating connections.
3. In today’s context, I’m inviting viewers to slightly or physically raise their heads to see the main icon presented in the work.
4. The clearer the argument, the more likely it is that connections will be made either consciously or subconsciously.
5. What matter most; however, is the quality of these connections.
6. So, are we going to establish connections?